BCLK overclocking on non K Skylake CPU´s, Has intel going Insane?

According to a article that came out today by Anadtech, in which an overclocker was capable to overclock a non K Skylake cpu on the BCLK with a modified super micro board.
Asrock claims that they can do this aswell with a simple bios update.
If this is true, then it would be awesome news.

- a few quotes out of the article.

Full article: http://www.anandtech.com/show/9848/bclk-overclocking-intels-non-k-skylake-processors-coming-soon

Thnx to @GigaBusterEXE for posting this in the Lounge.

This is kinda exciting news.
I think this would be an interesting item to follow.

Asrock released the sky oc beta bioses: http://www.asrock.com/news/events/SkyOC/


this might be the same thing but they just lower the multiplier to make it stock clock

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Would indeed be interesting, if its also going to be possible on H170 chipset boards.
Asrock has done such tricks in the past aswell, with their non Z overclocking profiles on B85 and H97 boards,
if i´m not mistaking.
But it was not possible to overclock a locked Haswell cpu it self that time.

Also the new Xeon e3´s will probably not work on consumer motherboards anymore.
Which would be a bummer.


still nice to see overclocking numbers on the non K i5´s.

I'll wait until someone actually tries, could be a load of crud

Yes, its ofc WCCF-tech, but if they are right,
then it would be sadd.

even if they're right I'm sure they'll find a way around it

Yep would not be suprised if mobo manufacturers would come with a custom bios for that aswell indeed.

Something tells me Intel isn't going to let this be a thing... with this new architecture you don't even need multiplier to get a good overclock so it would undercut the k series sales by a lot especially since they jacked pricing up.

It would be nice to go back to the equivalent of buying i7920 instead of a 975 and overclocking it to be faster. But i don't think Intel will let that happen again.

They should really just unock all their cpu's, because not one solution is right for all people. With things like UEFI, it should be pretty easy and simple to overclock. I mean, they're protecting you...

but windows doesn't protect you, if you try to delete reg keys or system 32.

I understand the whole perspective of not wanting software to damage hardware. But if you're overclocking a CPU, you should know what you're doing, and you probably are using your system unit for something other than gaming. Some sort of rendering or cpu intensive process.

I think intel is more focused on their new 10nm process and skylake-e / cannonlake.

UEFI should easily take care of the overclocking bios updates with current K model cpu's, but who cares?

Well if Asrock is going to bring those bios updates to their mobo´s, which would makes it possible to overclock locked skylake i5's.
Then this will be realy interesting.
The i5-6500 at 3.2GHz for example, is allready a very decent "budget" cpu for gamers.
If it would also be possible to also overclock it a littebit on the bclk with just a simple bios update,
then that would be awesome.

i mean the price diffrence between the unlocked 6600K and the locked 6500, is still massive.

And Asrock has released the beta bioses for SKY OC.


Seems like it might only be possbile with Z170 chipset boards.

Would this be why the i3 6100k i was looking at seemed to jump up in price? I imagine if you could overclock it enough the dual cores wouldn't matter and make a good budget lanbox.

That's fine i seen results justifying z170 for just the higher speed ram.

this would actually make the z170 platform practical over the z97 whereas before price difference was too large but if you're an overclocker it makes sense now.

Yeah i definitely agree with that.
If you are looking into a core i5, the locked skylake and haswell i5´s dont differ that much wenn it comes to pricing.
This exaly makes the i5-6500 an interesting chip.
The only con is that Z170 boards are slightly more expensive.
However Asrock has also made custom beta biosses for the entry Z170 boards.

Asus have released Bios updates to allow non-K OCing as well. Only on the E, Deluxe, A and Maximum VIII series boards... Nothing for the K board i'm looking to get for this non-K OCing setup...


I don't see why they wouldn't include those boards, though. We'll just have to wait and see.