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Allrighty with engagement in mind I’ll start off by creating this thread as an intro/blog combo, starting off with just explaining who the frack I really think I am and later on adding personal projects and random jazz to the thread whenever such rare events occur lol.
I’m leaving this in the community section but mods, move this if it should be in the blog section. Or create a new one, or remove it :sweat_smile:.


I joined the forums like 6 years ago and actively stalk threads but I rarely post or engage, usually I just fly below the radar if you will ¯\__(ツ)_/¯.
Gunna get more active when I get myself a proper PC, promise!

Okay so, intro.

_ Suspects’ profile _

Sebastian / Baz.
Finnish male living in the metropolitan area of Helsinki.
30 years of age, former electrician & comms technician (not going to say ‘engineer’ because in Europe that would mean 4-5 years of university. I’m just a dirty blue collar guy with 3 years of occupational ed lol).
Altho for the past 3 years I’ve worked in the stone & concrete industry manufacturing elements - was supposed to be a temporary gig but hey I enjoyed it so I stuck… so I guess that makes me an industrial mud grinder now lol.
$ echo ‘Dirrrty!’ > Aguilera voice

Computer nerd; spends most of his time fiddling with operating systems instead of actually using them, kinda like tuning car engines rather than actually driving.
Having no clue what he’s doing and to no end for that matter.

Security-nut; Yeah, he’s one of those guys who’s chest-hair and cat would be wrapped in tinfoil if he had those…
Lol security is an interesting topic for me.

Casual gamer; ESO, Civ & CS are cool.

Enjoys hiking and general outdoor activity. 1 yr of mandatory and 3 yrs voluntary army training behind - green beret marine sgt
(lol sounds so flamboyant & hollywoody but hey this is an intro so you can get to know me better).
Should start hunting and killing innocent fluffy animals as a hobby.

And for the heck of it let’s throw culture into the mix as well since it’s also an interesting topic to me.
For the sakes of getting more familiar, here’s tunes I like in 3 different cats: rock, pop & hop - in finnish, just to mess with everyone:
(Fun fact: Tolkien was inspired by the finnish language when he wrote quenya)

But yeah if you feel like publicly poking me this is the place lmao.
Also would be cool to see more intros of whoever feels like sharing.

Some random shebang:

Why I have trust-issues:

Every1 should be using this:

Horrible freestyled explanation, should redo:

Nice service:

Awesome stuff:

I use arch btw (parallell distroing):

Most likely going to edit this as time goes by.



Your avi should be of a phone pole since you did comms technician work


Is this also a blog and AMA?

You engineer you. Lol

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It’s everything you want it to be bae


Nice try, but some are able to dodge that. :wink:


Ikr, altho for that gif to be more accurate the bar should be 10 feet higher lmao


Still rocking Sailfish OS ?

Haven’t used it in a long while, tbh I don’t know how to feel about it atm, it’s basically outbought by Russia…

Damn didn’t know about that. Looks like Linux phones are our last resort.

Yeah it’s an achilles heel that when something has potential it’s often bought by an entity that diminishes the awesomeness.


That’s easy because he is wearing ski boots.

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Update: Merged some old tuts to op, cleanup & tweaking the layout later

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Had an epic weekend with the boys, visited a military museum (the one time we didn’t sauna at the summer cottage, being extremely drunk) that not only had stuff on display (like super interesting genuine stuff from WW2 too, no reconstruced shit).
But also had a ton of functional vehicles and (deactivated) weapons you could fiddle with in their original form, mostly Finnish, Swedish & Soviet equipment, but there were also some American trucks and vans.
Also a Thompson.

We got the chance to drive an old Soviet BMP-1, and for laughs threw that one dude who hadn’t been in the military, to drive it.
He did well tho taking into account he got a 5 minute briefing on how to operate it, our guide was super knowleadgeable about anything and mostly everything, he was a retired officer having served his entire life in the Defence Forces - serving in the Navy, Army & Air Force, with multiple assignments in operations abroad.
Super professional and chill dude.

Offroading with an anti-infantry tank was cool and all, but for me personally reading a bunch of personal letters someone had written from the fronts (in WW2) really brought history alive.

Gotta visit again soon, maybe next time just to drive a T-55, MAZ-573 or Akatsya. Because why not :grin:
I’m having a semi boner for the MAZ…