Battlestar Galactica (2004)

Are there any fans of this show and/or Caprica? I cannot get enough of BSG or Caprica. I love everything about the culture they created and the worlds. If you haven't watched BSG you must asap!

i wish they didnt cancel Caprica. not only is Alessandra Torresani fucking gorgeous but the story was going to some interesting places with that little preview in the last episode, that never really took off :(

and BG will always be one of the best space opera reboots evar. (IMO)

Yeah, was pretty awesome

I thought Blood and Chrome was pretty good as well

Yeah I love how they use less-fantastical tech. It just feels like what the world would be if we could harness fusion. Ugh I am just obsessed with the whole world of it all, would love to live in the Graystones house on Caprica. 


I loved the Tauron culture in Caprica.

All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again!

that's what happened in the matrix.

That house is on the North shore of Vancouver, all of the houses in that area are WOW. It made me very sad and angry when Caprica was not renewed.

I just finished watching the entire dhow earlier in the month

pretty decent stuff

'Decent' is under stating... is anyone else sitting in a puddle besides me just thinking about it!!!

Gotta love the admiral adama and lee adama moments! Where the bagppies just kick in!

Love me some BSG.  Even got me to watch a couple episodes of the original...  but it was too, um, mormon-y?  Anyway, BSG 2004 is one of a few shows that I re-watch pretty much yearly, along with Firefly, The Wire, Frisky Dingo and a couple others with short runs.

Speaking of which, I'm just going to leave this right here:

Technically, the show didn't air until 2005.  But the Mini-series aired in 2004.  I wont dispute your points, everyone has their opinions, but even if they had made changes the show wouldn't have gotten another season.  IRRC, it was originally conceptualized for 4 seasons.  It didn't get canceled, it simply ended.