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Battlefront II thoughts as of beta


This seems like the game we should have gotten the first time. The beta is buggy as expected, but of what I have been able to play, it is somewhat decent. I have enjoyed some EA games in the past, and this seems like it would be on par with those ones. I will probably end up picking up this game next year as EA is bound to pull some bullshit thing or release buggy as fuck. Please don’t pre-order this.

Card system seems like it would be stupid and broken, so we’ll see how worse this can get on release.


Space Battle is awesome!

That strike mission where you have to steal the artifact is broken as fuck. They should have made the artifact have to be returned manually, to give Resistance more to do, and to make it more realistic and fair for the First Order. It pissed me off.

Another thing that is horrible about this is the lack of voice chat or even text chat. I can’t even tell people “gg” after a match, and I wish I could communicate with my squad. There is such emphasis on squads and classes in this game, it even rewards you more points for staying near your teammates in Assault, yet you have zero communication with each other. This is unacceptable. It’s like DICE forgot what their Battlefield series is. All we want is Battlefield with Star Wars skin and Space Battles, but in two games they still haven’t added basic features.

I can’t believe people defend the fact there is no communication because they don’t want to hear 12 year olds or some other thing. Why not just have the option to mute all if that’s the case? People are literally defending it saying that voice chat is annoying or that people just use teamspeak. Considering that this is a pretty casual game compared to BF4,BF1,CSGO,Overwatch, then that should mean people would use the in-game voice chat even more. But you can continue to justify not getting basic features that should be a given because it’s Star Wars. wtf /rant


I wish I could have tried it.

Battlefront II made my PC do a Hard Reset, like I pulled the plug and plugged it back in again.
I have never ever had that happen to me before.
I immediately deleted it. No searching Google or forums for a fix.
I wanted that scary program off of my PC.



I got about a dozen rounds in during beta. I’m a truck driver so my home time is all I have to play and I get very little of that. I won’t be buying it myself. It just wasn’t fun to me.


I had a lot of fun, particularly in space battles. Still not as great as the OG Battlefront II space battles though (getting out of your fighter to raid the enemy battleship was one of the most epic times I’ve ever had in gaming).

I agree that this is the Battlefront we should’ve had the 1st time, and yet still there is so much room for improvement, but it seems to be a decent game overall. Will wait for a sale because of the backlog of games I already have and so many others I still play frequently.


Sounds like a driver crash, which happens to me EVERY time I play a beta from DICE without updating drivers. After BF Hardline, Battlefront 1 and BF1, I’ve learned lol. (or maybe DICE/EA have something going with nShittyA where they screw over AMD users. Its happened before…)


After playing a couple rounds of the BFII beta, I closed it and played the preceding game. In the first game, I can find my way around and get some kills. On BFII, I get what is essentially spawn killed 3 times in a row, then finally survive a spawn, only to be killed by not one, not two, but three enemy heros. It feels like they widened the experience gap tremendously. It looks amazing, as does the first, but drops frames in curious places for seemingly no reason at all, although it is only a beta and that is while using DX12.

Not to mention the lack of reward… unless they make some major changes in patches, or the campaign is phenomenal (and lengthy), I’m staying away.


The DX12 renderer is beyond fucked in the beta, turning it off and get no stutter.


On Dx12 its really bad on PC…but Dx11 on PC its really well optimized actually, even very low end systems are getting playable results.


That happened to me with the original but when I turned it back on the power supply exploded. Probably more to do with poor power delivery than the game though.


For a casual like me the flying was too difficult. Also really if it doesn’t have a really good single player campaign I am not interested as I already have the original game and that does enough for me when I play it on the Xbox One S on occasion. Hell I haven’t played it enough to justify getting the new game.