so i bought this game because of my friend.....

i figured since i bought it i'd at least learn to play it

then i realized.....

this game is AWESOME....BUT THEN!!!!

when i read an article EA wrote
they decided insteaded of paying monthly for it.....

you pay for BF pts    4.99 500pts  9.99 1000pts  19.99 2250pts
Booster Packs 250pts 8cards     Tome Decks= 6 Booster Packs 1250pts

but each card is worth about 50-200pts but if it's ULTRA RARE like a 1st edition charizard it goes for 1500-2200BF pts which is
about 15-22$ Lol

luckily when u purchase the game u start off with 64-5 cards and 3000bf pts the game cost 29.99 on steam
they lowered the price from 39.99 to that in a matter of 2 days? Lol

As i progressed in the game the same shitty deck gets boring but luckily in this game Campaign is either 1-2Â Â 4-12 maps
so your playing with a couple of people to help u, ITS pretty damn awesome....

so now to this horrible part:
i got in nerd mode and spent 15$ on 1500pts when i should've just spend an extra 5$ for an extra 750 cuz now im going crazy
over this sunderer card...... Lol

if any of you guys play this game u know it's awesome....if u don't and you're already hating download the demo nukkah and try it

The game is fun, but the whole pay 4 cards thing is really gay. You will spend more on this game than WoW in 2 years, all for some cards to pwn others.

the game is awesome, i just work the auction house for BF points. I can make up to 1000 a week from just like 30mins on the auction house a day and its enough to get new cards (also saving for when they release new cards). To get Bf points go buy the game again here its $24 for a second account, 3000bf points (which you can transfer) and if u were in beta (i made loads of accounts) then u also get the firedancer promo card AGAIN which is worth about another 2000bfp =).

Looks fun, but meh.. not my genre