Battlefield: Heroes (Revive)

This was my first online shooter way back in like 2009. I played a lot.

A group of cool people have gotten their hands on the server files and have done a fantastic job bringing this game back… for the public.

I think they have a few thousand slots available for anyone that wants to play. I have been playing for the past three days.

The friends list is not functional, but lead dev says that could be done by this weekend.

I figured I would post this just in case anyone wants to play BFH… once again, or for the first time.

How to play:

●Create an account:

●Download the game:

●Login to the website:

●Create Heroes (maximum of 6):

●Must sync your account with discord.

  1. Go here
  2. Link your revive account with your discord account by going to #bot-commands and type ~refresh (tilda not dash)

●Launch the game: copy and paste this into your browser if it says “preparing our engines” you did it wrong.

●Check server status

●Be careful of activity checks as Spencer has been known to remove people who don’t read discord news and he said he’s going to start removing people for not reading. Read #Bfhheroes-news in discord

Here’s a vid of the group I played with. We made level 1 accounts and went in servers. This was to showcase team work: