Battlefield 4 system requirements

I've just seen this photo and was wondering if i could run this game in the beta and the full game. (ill be upgrading around Christmas). I can run battlefield 3 on medium settings on about 30 - 40 fps fine.

Here are my specs atm (well the specs that are needed to run games)

Hd 7770

Intel Pentium G870 @ 3.10 GHz

8 GB ram

Windows 7 64 bit



The website clearly tells you the Minimum and Recommended requirements. You know what you have, clearly, or else you wouldn't have posted it.

My question is... Why was this topic even made? 

I was asking how well I could run the game, maybe I didn't phrase it very well. So if you have nothing to say about my post then fuck off.

It will run, you meet the minimum requirements but it might not run very well in multiplayer due to your processor.

Thank you, that's an answer I wanted to hear. I'm guessing from the look of the game from the gameplay I've seen so far it doesn't look to different to BF3. So if I were to put the settings down to low/minimum settings it should run the beta/full game at a sort of reasonable fps.  

64 player servers will strain your cpu and there is not much you can do in terms of cpu settings to make it run faster but otherwise you should be fine on lower settings.

Hey you could allways buy an i3 3250 i think it would run MP smoothly from what i know

+1 but if you can afford an i5 get an i5

Yeah I should hopefully be upgrading to a 7970 and a 3570k around Christmas/January time  

By christmas the 9000 series should be out, dont forget to take a good look at those cards :)