Battlefield 4 problem?

Hi everyone on Tek syndicate,

I was wondering if I should get a graphics card (like a 7850 or 7790) for my computer because i currently have a A8-5500 APU. I really want to play battlefield 4 when it comes out and i dont know how well my computer will handle it.

If you need any other additional infomation of my specs just say.

So any advice GPU reccomendations would be greatly appreciated! :)

That Apu combined with those cards won't be able to deliver much. It should work for 720P or lower resolutions on low to medium settings but I wouldn't count on it. I suggest saving up your money and getting a decent card like a 7870, you will need it. You could get even better cards like 7950 or Gtx670 but I'd be worried about your CPU bottlenecking them. 

Thank you soooo much you really helped me out! :)