Battlefield 4 on Next-Gen Consoles Comparable to Medium Settings on PC – Upscaled From 720P

EA’s next generation Battlefield 4 is the definite choice for any gamer who’s into first person shooter. The game offers a fully immersive online shooter experience with its powerful Frostbite 3 engine and social features which are offered by Battlelog 2.0.
Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 on Next-Gen Consoles Comparable to Medium Settings on PC
A few days ago, it was revealed that Battlefield 4 on the next generation platforms which include PlayStation 4 and Xbox One would be running at native 720P resolution upscaled to 1080P to maintain a constant 60 FPS. Was this a limitation on the hardware side or the unability of DICE to optimize the coding for the upcoming consoles was never told.

But there are reports which seem to show that the next generation consoles aren’t as powerful enough to tackle a high-end PC even with their so-called ‘Super Charged’ PC architecture powered by AMD. I do want to mention AMD in this article, PC is the lead platform for Battlefield 4 and any DICE Frostbite 3 game so this means that PC is optimized for Battlefield 4 and more specifically AMD since they are EA’s newly acquired hardware partner.

Developers working on next-generation consoles mentioned that the transition of games from consoles to PC or PC to consoles would be easier this generation since all the platforms have a similar x86 architecture which will allow ease of development so saying that this was DICE’s fault for not optimizing the game for next generation consoles would be awfully inaccurate.

Pixelenemy has a report which is actually based on a video from guy who got a hands on look at the PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield 4 at Gamescom 2013.

The guy who goes by the name of Jackfrags, mentions that while the PlayStation 4 offers an incremental graphics and performance boost over current generation consoles such as 60 FPS and better lightning/shadows, the game however fails to match the graphics of a high-end PC and looks more like its maxed out around what’s comparable to medium settings on the PC.

So next generation consoles won’t only have a lower resolution but would also have lower graphics than what one should expect from the consoles.

The site goes off to say that the amount of graphics the PlayStation 4 displays at its $400 US cost is absolutely fine considering a high-end PC would cost $1000-$2000 US. But this statement is entirely inaccurate, a PC which is able to match or even excel visually compared to the PlayStation 4 would cost much less than $1000 US.

Being a PC builder myself, i would say a decent setup which would be able to do 1080P with a good amount of visual detail (High Settings) can easily be found for around $699-$899.
Battlefield 4 isn’t the only game making sacrifices on the frame rates or graphics, Sony’s first party developer Guerrilla games are making Killzone: Shadow Fall which is sacrificing frame rate (30 FPS) for higher resolution.

I noted that the multiplayer section of the game is said to be running at 60 FPS which could obviously be running with lower graphics detail otherwise why can’t the Killzone developers stick to 60 FPS on the single player too? It isn’t much of a hassle and if they wanted to, they could have kept both single and multiplayer modes running at 60 FPS.

Battlefield 4 arrives on 30th October 2013 for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and later for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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I doubt I will be playing BF4 but look's like my switch to PC couldn't have come at a better time :) I will miss some of the exclusives though like MGS5 and KH3.. With everything I've learned about the new generation of consoles though there's no way I'll go back to being a zombie. My head hurts just thinking how much money I've spent on consoles and games over the years... 

Hmmm... Interesting. Hopefully it will been optimised really really well and will run like a beast on my 7950/8350. 

It is a shame that consoles are not receiving a greater bump in power like they received into the 7th generation, but what is worse it the fact that the 8th generation will have a life-cycle of a decade.  Imagine PC gaming in a decade.  Go ahead, imagine.  The PC will be blowing consoles out of the water by that time, but we will continue to be weighed down by the limitations of consoles because developers would have to develope for the console players over the PC players (I can't exacly blame them, but the whole thing is still a bummer).

I hear the New MGS is going to be on PC too...? Well hopfully

I wonder if this is due to the economy? It is interesting tho that they may not be increasing to the latest and greatest.. Seems like the industry waited long enough and now they may only be interested in selling decent tech to console gamers with hidden fees and other craziness. I am happy that my new build will help me subdue that for a few years. PlayStation series and other consoles have put a bad taste in my mouth with constant updates, losing my credit card info to hackers, and putting out fan boy games with horribly connectivity.

Console? You mean the part of my car that the weed goes in?

I never realized how much the consoles were lacking, I figured they were released because of 1440p and 2160p but I guess those console lovers will be left in the dust.