Battlefield 4 GPU, need someones input

I've done some research trying to find out what GPU would get high/ultra settings on battlefield 4, some websites say a radeon 7850 would do it, others say that would be very low end. I wanted to post this question on the forum because i've gotten alot of help from you guys so I wanted to get a few opinions before I upgrade my GPU. My budget is $300 but If something that is $200-$250 can get me high settings at 60fps then i'll take it.

P.S. - Is it true playstation 4 graphic capabilities are going to be equivelant to those of a radeon 7850?

do you need to buy a card now? or do you just need it when Battlefield 4 comes out? if you don't need it at this very moment, i would wait to see what the new Radeon cards will be capable of.

Like Weston said, it's better to wait and see. It's not long until the beta for BF4. Oct. 4 for everyone, Oct. 1 for those with Premium, pre order or "Registered owner of Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition". 


You guys are right, if those new GPU's are about to be released I might as well wait. Thanks for letting me know, my 6670 is probably going to run bf4 like crap though :( oh well, patience lol

yes, patience. you don't want to have buyers remorse right out of the gate knowing if you had just waited you could have possibly got a better card at a better price. i mean, you could always run it at lowest settings, drop it down to 720 or something. its not like you won't be able to play it. THEN, when you get the new card, it will blow your mind O_O

Reminder that BF4 will get the update for Mantle in December.

Buying HW for a game that is yet to be released seems kind of stupid for me.

I would also hold off from buying HW for now. With the new console HW capabilities still being mostly unknown. SteamOS promising huge performance increase. Nvidia starting to co-operate on open source drivers for their GPU-s. AMD announcing Mantle(I've also heard that it's public and could be used by Nvidia as well if they wan't). And for me the TrueAudio for AMD new cards could be a big selling point.

Do you think the Mantle API came about from their work with the consoles? 


such news can't be good for PC vs console flame wars lol