To show my appreciation for this wonderful community, I decided to host a giveaway for a copy of Battlefield 4.

Here is how to win:

Answer this question: You are given the opportunity to create a direct sequel to one of your favorite games from your childhood with a unlimited amount of resources, what would it be?

Go crazy, have fun, and the person with the best idea wins.

The winner is: Cmellak 

Other important notes: 


I would have to pick Star Fox. I would like the ships to have the same visual quality as the ships in Star Citizen, and a much more "complete" universe.


Banjo Kazooie 3. So... Banjo Threeie?

None of this Nuts & Bolts BS that they've been pulling out their asses. A proper faithful game after Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie.

It would definitely have to be spore. With unlimited resources that game essentially has infinite potential. It could be an infinite cycle of conquering space, to realize the galaxy is but a cell in a pool and the cycles could get harder and harder. Plus, infinite levels of customization. Awesome I hear you say? I know!!!

tough one... probably do a graphics and mechanincs upgrade of Dawn of War (the original). DOW2 was more... small-scale, but with todays hardware, DOW could be pretty awesoem, and even on a slightly larger scale....

I would create a sequel/port of Goldeneye 64 to PC using the Frostbite 3 engine with full Oculus Rift support!

Common who doesn't miss Goldeneye multiplayer?

I would setup a cylinder of blank screens and have multiple projectors projecting a 360 degree world with accurate surround sound. I would also setup a wiimote like device that accurately tracks movements like a swinging a sword, stand in the middle of the cylinder and play ocarina of time. 


This is a pretty difficult question to answer as there are so many wonderful games I've played over the years. That said, I put in so many hours in Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear that it was ridiculous, it was my first true PC game I ever played. With an unlimited amount of resources I would bring back the tactical shooter genre, but bring it up a notch: Insane graphics, super realistic bullet detection, destructive environment (not battlefield type since most of their stuff is crazy), and voice commands that work (I'm looking at you RS3.)

And on top of an insanely fun 1st (and 3rd optional) we would have some really deep strategy. The missions would be nintendo tough with a Full Spectrum Warrior-esque feel. 

I would definitely create a sequel to Half Life, using the new Frostbite 3 Engine. I'd make it in 64-bits only for Linux and Windows.

Minimum requirements would be 8GB of RAM, and 12GB or more recommended. R9 280X minimum for GPU.

Textures, meshes and more would be changeable in the settings. Up to 4K or 8K textures.

Include mod support, do not include DRM support, include on Online Multiplayer mode, allow custom character creation, allow hosting servers (if the server passes minimum requirements on internet bandwidth, hardware, software, etc), multiple endings in Story Mode/Single Player (including more about the background story).

It would be full of easter eggs, and there would be several bits and pieces of text written "they said the number 3 - hl3 confirmed" in journals and on the walls, as a reference to internet rumors, among other things.

It would have full-blown OpenCL-accelerated Physics, customizable lighting (in-game support for ENB-like mods), Mantle support, etc.

It would include destructible objects (like Battlefield 4), Sandbox gameplay style, support for 4K resolutions (and beyond!), and include in-game Settings so high they wouldn't be playable for the next 2 years even at current resolutions.

The Settings would be automatic, and the gamer would have a slider for CPU, GPU, Resolution and other things. It would then automatically apply the settings without having to restart the game.

No loading screens. Immersive and customizable HUD. Adjustable Surround Sound support. Configurable AI, and support for OpenCL-accelerated AI.

I'd add weapon modification support, for things like scopes, laser sights, extra ammo, etc. I'd also allow the character to have a choice between 7 main playing styles (stealth-based attack and elusion, scenario-based strategy, offensive, defensive, dodge/deflect/reflect-based combat, non-combat-based effects, and lastly healing/regenerative-based support), where he could choose to use either one or more, but that would depend on the weapon, environment, opponent and more.

Difficult boss battles, hoard battles, hard-to-hit single opponents. Scary moments in the game. Make strategy important in the game.

Make killing monsters less of a grinding chore, and reward players for clearing places. Also reward exploration with lore knowledge, skills, items, and more. It makes the game more fun.

I'd also add multiple campaigns in the form of DLCs. They'd have the same amount of story and level content for single player, and add items to the main game, other DLCs and the multiplayer. It works like a content mod, except it isn't a continuation of the main storyline. It's a prequel, sequel, parallel storyline, or whatever else would most add to the game experience. It would be something the gamers could vote for within the game, but only players who bought the game with an official key could vote.

There would be support for MMO-like capabilities for those who want to do that kind of game mod, with support for skill trees, new levels, storylines, quests, new items and much more. This allows people to make an FPS game using this engine, RPG, RTS or anything else. Any modder could use this game engine's flexibility to make his own game on top, add or remove features.

Heck, make HL3 into a top-view 3rd person game like an RTS if you want. Make HL3 into an over-the-shoulder view if you'd prefer like other games if you prefer. Make HL3 into a medieval game in the world of Skyrim if you'd prefer. It's all up to the game modder, and players can download and apply these mods at will.

Also, include cloud-synced settings attached to the player's account, and include an in-game mod library support for players to preview game mods without applying them. Add mod tools galore using the in-game user interface, so that way it can all be done quickly and easily. Let the user save mod and game settings in the launch menu, so if something happens, the user can easily and quickly revert so his game doesn't brick on him. Also let a user save games with a list of mods he's running and his settings, and if/when he chooses to load let him choose whether or not to load the saved game file with it's saved mods and settings or to apply current mods and settings. (This lets avoid game crashes due to bad or conflicting mods.)

For me the one game I distinctly remember as a child was Primal Rage. I remember going and  begging my mom to rent it for the SNES. My brother and I would spend hours playing that game up until we had to return it. I think it was one of the only games we would ever agree on playing together. Such good times were involved in that silly game. 

For me it would have to be Freedom Fighters, my brother and I played that game so much. There was just something about the game play that really made it shine, the ability to have a squad follow you and command them in the midst of battle was really fun. 

But adding to this it would have been cool for there to be coop missions, and having a visual upgrade would really make it shine too.

Tough one.

Really good question! 

I always wanted to see a sequel to 'Elite' and "Frontier: Elite II" to complete the triptych 

And thats to Kick Starter, that is happening with 'Elite Dangerous' 

Sooooooo.......My second choice would be.....

Its hard to convey just how mind blowing Eric Chahi's Another World game was when it first came out with its heavily stylized motion-capture vector graphics.

(For any retro game geeks, I'm excluding 'Heart of the Alien' as a true sequel as it was made without the participation or approval of the original game's designer Eric Chahi and came out only on Sega Mega-CD.....both ground for disqualification!) 

With the advances in motion capture and actors like Andy Serkis (Gollum in LOTR) raising the bar for video game acting, and games designers like Suda51 claiming the game as his single greatest gaming influence! 

With guys like that onboards with Éric Chahi too, I think it could make for a stunning sequel. 

I would create sequel for Battlefield 2142 and call it Battlefield 2143. I would chose Frostbite 3 engine. This engine is freakin awesome on previous BF games. Imagine future war: new weapons, vehicles set in 2143 !

As sequel, BF2143 would be set in ice age so sometimes will be extremely cold. Freeze due to the fact, that the ice age is more powerfull than 2142. I would add dynamic weather conditions. This feature make battles even more interesting. For example if you play at some specific maps you will freeze is you stop moving and die. To survive this you need different uniform whitch save you from cold but it might have some newgative sides like less sprint speed, less mobility. That's why I would add character customisation. Selectable helmets, uniforms, bags, camos would make players even more unique.

Most of maps will be set in winter so I would pay attention to small things like footsteps in snow, losing mobility in very snowy areas, real time reflexes to environment like fall animations, exit/enter to vehicle animations, first person hand signals (like BF4), cold weapons combat involving new melee weapons like tomahawk.


I would keep some classic modes like conquest, assault lines and of course titan mode.

I would add some new gamemodes:

Rush: one team need arm 2 m-coms, another team need defend them. After 2 m-coms are destroyed, team moves to other 2 and destroys 6 or 8 in total in specific map.

Capture the flag: Both teams must try and take each other's flag from their respective bases while protecting their own.

Titan vengeance: Two titans are set in close quarters postion, players must get inside enemy titan and destroy it by damaging it from from within.

New features/ other stuff:

Dynamic lighting, ability for server owners to set custom lighting, weather effects. Imagine same map on different weath contitions !

Destructable environment: about 95% of static objects would be destructable and have similar effects to levoliution in BF4.Tanks, mechs, APCs could move throught walls and buildings.

Improved titan gamemode: New titans (huge air vehicles/mobile bases) now become controable by player. Destructable interior, new stationary weapons and animations after titan is criticaly damaged and crash into ground and destroys everythig in that area.

Naval combat: All-out new futuristic battleships and huge scale battles in oceans.

6 man squads

64 palyers layer

EMP: The electronic equipment in them would be very vulnarable to EMP wich is very freaquently used in the battlefields of 2142. And when your weapon is unable to work due to that, who would not want an good old fashioned ballistic weapon with enough ammo?

SinglePlayer story: Short, least 5 mission campaign would introduce what this game about. Epic cutscenes, dramatic story line and futuristic setting would make this game best-seller like BF4. Battlefield is big franchise right ?

DLCs: I would remake lest 4 BF2142 maps in sequel: Liberation of Leipzig, Tunis harbour, verdun and bridge at Remagen, release DLC like BF3 ,,back to karkand" or BF4 ,,second assault". 

Mod tools: I would release modding tools. Custom users made content can be awesome if we can remember what fans did for Battlefield 2 ? so many mods were released ! Project Reality, Forgotten Hope 2, AIX2.0, Alpha Project, Spec Ops Warfare ! For love of God, why BF4 can't have modding tools ?!

Also I got chance to make some mods for Battlefield 2/BF2142. Also modding games is my passion. I love to design maps, balance stuff...

Every new game inspires me to do some custom maps and learn games design. I'm going to work in games industry so I'm getting a lot of valuable experience with every game whitch I play.


P.s. thanks for this chance ! good luck for everyone !

A real sequel to Deus Ex. Retaining the complex story and RPG elements, with a new set of characters, set 10 to 20 years in the future, with the Illuminati ending as the canon ending.

Two protagonists: one who's been nano-augmented and another who still uses mechanical augmentations, which causes a bit of a conflict between them as the mech-aug resents the nano-aug (not him in particular, but society as a whole for shunning mech-augs).

A true liberty of choice, a non-linear narrative, and a set of truly open locations (the "hubs" from Human Revolution) where the player can take part in sidequests or advance the main story.

I'd want a sequel to Master of Magic (A civilization-esque TBS released in 1994; there are no technological advances, instead you research spells to use in or out of combat). I'd want the AI to be much better and make less dumb decisions, as well as making diplomacy a worthwhile option. I'd also want the balance to be much better, while still keeping the wide variety of spells and units. Furthermore, I'd also add the option to the increase the base size of the world, not just the individual landmasses. I think that the city management could be made slightly more complex, like in Civilization 5, but I don't think that I'd want it to be too complex. I'd definitely want to keep the tactical combat, possibly increasing the max size of a single 'stack' to be 12, as well as allowing you to summon creatures in battle even if you are that max size. I'd also like the number of spell picks you have to vary according the level of difficulty you selected.

I also think multiplayer would be really nice to add in, but maybe only two players at a time. Whenever combat is entered, one player controls their army, while the other player would control the other army, be it their own, an AI's army, or just a neutral army/rampaging monsters.

I think I'd also like for their to be more than just the two planes of Arcanus and Myrror, though I think that for simplicity's sake it might be best to only have two planes in any one game, that, again, the user can select. I'd like to add more races for each plane, maybe ~5 for each one. 

Obviously I'd want improved graphics, but I'm not sure how well that would work with how the units move in stacks. Perhaps I'd just have to stick with the basic tile with a picture of the unit in the middle, but obviously make the picture much higher quality.

Oh, and I'd also like more banner colors to choose from.

I would redo Red Alert 2.. It was so much fun in time it did come out. (Red Alert 3 isnt that anymore.. I dont like graphics and gameplay..) It was so much fun to make little nukes with desolator and IFV tanks combained.. 


If I could make a sequel to any of my child hood games then it would have to be The Simpsons Hit and Run 2.

The game would feature a huge open world and you can go anywhere in Springfield and go into every building. The gameplay will be similar to the first game but expand on everything the first game did and feature more gameplay and vehicle verity. 

The game would have a individual story for every popular and unique Simpsons character. One character who would have a story would be Krusty the clown.  His story would be about how he became a famous clown and the stress, pain and suffering he has to go through each day to make his TV show entertaining.


I i could recreate Scarface The World Is Yours without the bugs and a bigger open world Miami that would be better than any new Indie or AAA game out there for me. I put so many hours into that game when i was younger. It sucks because i can't replay it on the PC because it won't run on new hardware with multiple cores or new gpu's.

P.S if anyone is up to the task of making it work PM me lol