Battlefield 4 crashing

I just bought battlefield 4 and it has already crashed on me 4 times. I understand that the game is running better on AMD cards and i have a GTX 660. Is the fact that I have an nvidia card the reason its crashing?

Yep still crashes for everone....stick to 32player servers for the time being then it dosent crash so offten.

okay thanks


I havnt had any problems if i drop my overclock otherwise that happens so i just turn off my oc profile fpr bf4

From what I have noticed, you need to disable all overclocks for it to work with stability.  This game destroys gpus.  Even still, I occasionally get the looping audio crash.

how do you disable overclocks?


The game is currently in a state for almost 2weeks now. Should see a patch to fix all of these client side crashes next month or something.


Naaawwww, DICE have been on the ball, they've already brought out 7 or so server side updates in the short time BF4 has been out, client side updates will be in the next two weeks or so I'd say.

EDIT A nice little update today (well i say little) lets hope it fixes all the stupid crashing/rubber banding instant death netcode crap....or i am gona filp tables lol.


Nope made shit worse if that was even possible lol...

Patch didn't do crap for me. My game still crashes, audio still gets stuck as if a bomb has gone off, still get shot through stone walls, and still empty clips on people five feet away to no effect.

I'm just going to have to wait until something gets fixed before I try to play the game again, because I can't play for more than 5 minutes without screaming at my screen. Game is pathetically broken still. I really really really desperately want this to not be a waste of $50.

Audio needs to be patched, nothing you can do there.


For the CTD errors, try lowering settings, even if the game runs fine on ultra for me, it crashes on everything above medium in SP and high in MP.

There's all sorts of solutions that apply to certain PC setups,id suggest heading to the new tech support site for BF4 since there's so many variables that cause conflicts.


Or wait for the patch patiently.

BF4 Support forum link here

The sound was playing up on one of the maps for me. My friends game kept on crashing and was unplayable for him.