Battlefield 4 BSOD and I never bothered to fix it until now

This has been going on for closer to a year now but I never bothered since it only really occurred in BF4. I am using current drivers. I run a full system virus/malware scan every month. I've reinstalled the game about three times since I've bought it and BSODs have been consistent throughout all reinstalls. I've had the game reinstalled on three different drives(two of which are HDDs and the other an SSD).

So I guess I'll start off by running through a typical scenario that occurs once every couple of matches or so.
-So I'll start of by joining a server. Server size doesn't matter(64 players or 32).
-I'll play continuously for a good 30-45 min.
-Then a wild BSOD appears with no warnings.
-BSOD reports a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION and it sits at 0% complete and never changes.
-So I just hold down the power button till my pc shuts off completely, and then I'll turn my pc back on.

Some things that I have noticed:
-If I overclock my graphics cards(two GTX 770s in SLI), the frequency of BSODs increases. This also introduces CTDs(crash to desktop) with a "GetDeviceRemovedReason" failed with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG message box. So for now I run them at stock. But the overclocks that I did use were pretty mild anyways.
-Running with one GTX 770 doesn't change anything.
-The game likes to, but doesn't always BSOD when using the ingame weapon customization.
-The BSOD always displays at a lower than native resolution. I use a 1080p monitor and the BSOD displays at something like 720p.

As far as other possibly pertinent system specs go it's:
-Fx8350 overclocked to 4.5 GHz
-16 GB of RAM

I wonder if anyone else has had similar problems or may know of a fix.

My friend of mine had a problem similar but would crash with ARK. We ruled out the GPU, HDD, and CPU. Turns out was RAM. A lot of stress later then we just pulled the CMOS battery and all was well.