Battlefield 4 at 60fps, 1080p on consoles

So, I was reading a thread on GameFAQs which led me to a source claiming that Battlefield 4 was going to run at 60fps, 1080p on the next generation consoles.

Either this is incredibly retarded or I am very mistaken. The current gen consoles used high end hardware for their time and they pulled off a resolution jump, but the framerate stayed well below 60fps for most games. The upcoming consoles are going to use variants of mid-range PC hardware. There's no way they're going to double the resolution and the frame rate and raise the level of detail to that which will be expected next-gen.



It does sound pretty optimistic. However, we do not know much about their unique APUs to compare next gen consoles to PC. For me, PC will remain the better platform, for all kinds of reasons.

even if its does run at 60 fps at 1080p i highly doubt that the game will looks as good as it will on the pc!

We will se how this ''next gen'' consoles perform! However i dont believe that Battlefield 4 will run 1080p at constant ''60 frames'' You said that they are going to use variants of mid-range PC hardware this is just bannanas, technically its a PC with some bad horsepower and i still dont believe this is gonna run 60 frames constantly.

It's not impossible. Programming games "direct to the metal" is much more efficient than going through a messy API. If Battlefield 3 can run at 720p at 30FPS on the Xbox 360, considering how old that hardware is, I wouldn't be surprised if this new hardware could run it at double the framerate in High def.

Optimisation techniques improve with time of course, but this time around it will probably take less time for devs to get to grips with the hardware because it's the popular x86 based.

Well, of course Battlefield 3. But judging from the footage released Battlefield 4 looks much better than Battlefield 3, resolution and framerate aside. 

Battlefield 3 uses Frostbite 2 engine,Battlefield 4 uses modified Frostbite 2 engine which they call it Frostbite 3

It might get 60 fps at 1080p but it will be probably be at low settings. Hopefully the hardware level access to devs on consoles will push microsoft to give that to PCs too.

Due to the Xbox 1's 3 VM's running on one machine and due to the hypervisor involved in dividing the hardware between the VM's it's not going to be as direct to metal as the 360 was. Not even close actually. 

I just finished whaching the xbox live conference at E3 and yes it will be running at 60fps @ 1080p (i am gessing there will be upscaleing going on there) 

The xbox live conference will be on youtube soon as it only finished live about 20mins ago.

-oh and titan fall looks amazing even better than BF4!-

I wasn't actually considering BF4, but after seeing that trailer... holy crap.

Listen to this man.

>Battlefield with a gamepad.

Nope, FPS aren't gonna matter there.