Battlefield 4 and overclocks apparently don't mix

Ok, so.... I have a custom watercooling loop. My GPUs never get above 42 degrees C under load. I've played around with overclocking a bit, couldn't get much out of my 780Ti Classys just because I think they were already pushed a bit higher than reference. Buuuuut even with the voltage limit pushed a little higher, and stability testing in Valley benchmark, sometimes when I play Battlefield my overclocks go haywire. I was getting a max of 1189 mhz core clock, stable, and then my top card shot up to 12xx and my bottom card went down to its default min, 324. I've restarted my computer, reset the clocks in Afterburner, which usually fixes the issue, but I've just restarted my computer 3 times in a row and my bottom card is still flatlining at 324. I did update my graphics driver yesterday but was playing last night with no issues. I have not noticed this problem in any other games, just Battlefield 4. Any help?

Ok, so, little update, apparently SLI was disabled, but I was still getting high framerates similar to SLI early in the match... I think it might be turning it off for some weird reason.

Bf4 always crashed on me if I did any kind of overclock on CPU or GPU. Not sure why but I have had similar experiences