Battlefield 3 performance

Today i wanted to go back and play battlefield 3 after dealing with battlefield 4's problems and the performance is atrocious for what i have. I was running 1080p, all ultra 4x msaa and my FPS was constantly going in the high 40's low 50' range. I decided to turn down some of the settings and went to a mix of ultra-high 2x msaa and ssao and it only improved the performance 3-4 FPS. I have a 4670k, and R9 280x and I would assume that achieving 60 FPS constant on this title should be fairly easy. I am running 14.1 drivers but i had this issue on 13.12 too. Any fixes?

That doesn't sound right... I have an R9 280X as well and BF4 which is much more intensive than BF3 runs maxed out at 60-70 even more at times. Granted Im overclocked a bit.. but still. 40-50 was what I saw with BF3 maxed out on my 660 and an i3. 

Im unsure of a "fix" other than reinstalling but that seems stupid and seeing as its 20GB+ not time efficient.. Maybe reset your graphic settings in BF3 and any profiles for you GPU, restarting and retrying? Shouldn't be a problem at all with an 280X. Or just go back to BF4 xD, I've failed to see anything broken in BF4 in my gameplay. 

I have had performance issues with BF4 since the december 20th patch where i went from getting 60 FPS constant 1080p ultra on basically every map except zavod. Now though playing ultra 1080p on BF4 results in me getting similar performance to the BF3 performance during combat. droping down to high-medium 1080p has brought my to a very high 50-60 FPS for BF4.


I can try resetting graphics settings in BF3, i currently dont have a profile for my GPU so that couldn't be conflicting

I reset my graphics settings to no avail

Tried this and it only seemed to make the FPS slightly worse