Battery Meter not Reporting Correctly

So, for a while my laptop running windows 8.1 has gone all the way down to 0% battery life and turning off without giving the message that I'm under 10%. I only have known that it gets down to 0% because right after I turn it back on, it is at 1% and is charging (since i plug it in).

However, I just barely looked at my battery life to see how much i had left - 15% - so I decided to wait before plugging in my laptop. However, immediately after going back to my browsing, my computer shut off. After plugging it in and booting it up again, it was at 1% and charging again. It would seem my battery meter isn't reporting correctly.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Is it just a bug with windows 8.1, or is it a problem with my hardware?

edit: I suppose it's also relevant that it doesn't always do this, it still sometimes will give me the warning that it's under 10% battery.

bump for justice!

On an unrelated note, according to hwmonitor, my battery wear level is 21%. does that have anything to do with it?