Batman Arkham Origins bundle DLC giving away

 I have no use for it. If you get it but I dont want to see you trying to see it later but!

I will give it to the person who comment makes me smile. :P

Not gonna lie. That could be any one of the following comments. Is it really that hard to make you smile? How do I know that you didn't smile?

Give it to some needy kid. *being serious with that point*

Guy 1: "Do you know what it feels like to have to pee?"

Guy 2: "Well, yea, I guess so."

Guy 1: "Great! Can you feel me and see if I have to pee?"


Not it the greatest joke, but it always makes me smile when this guy I work with does it to a new guy. lol


Dad: lol, why arent you running linux?

Doughter: But dad, i'm only 6 years old, and i don't even have a computer yet.

Dad: Shut up MacFaggot!


Does red text make you smile?

If you're going to give the code away, I would gladly accept, but sadly, I have the sense of humor of a dead cat.

So I doubt that will happen.

Yeah it's the juggernaut bitch!

Thats a winner :P 


How do you organise a space party?

You Planet!


This has got to be the best cheesy joke ever!