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Im looking into building a custom loop for my PC and am a bit overwhelmed with the topic. Parts suppliers, how to guide, good parts, how to choose tubing and water blocks all that good stuff. Best resource gets the code. If I get multiple good entries I think I have some more game codes laying around I could give out. 

Edit: I am really interested in parts suppliers. Who makes good price to performance water blocks? I will be water cooling my 2 GTX 780's and my socket 1155 CPU. I also hear fittings are pricey but also compression fittings are the way to go so where is a good place to get these? I will be spending the next month or 2 planing and getting my parts together so I will be making a pretty high end loop but would like to save money where I can. 

JayzTwoCents video on a really basic yet very effective 200 dollar cpu custom loop is good:

It's the reason I'm going to work towards saving for it. The temps were very low.


Then he has an 800 dollar one so rich blood at that point:


I don't need the code though, I have gotten stuff from people here not too long ago so I probably shouldn't be in the running.

Thanks! Very good start. If no one else wants to pitch in you sure you don't want the code?