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Basic help with Game Maker Studio



Long story short - I’m making a game and want to be able to troubleshoot features without building the entire UI…
Short story long - I want to separate triggers from an events to the point once I’m done with the event functionality I no longer have to touch it. I just attach it to different menu buttons or shortcuts or whatever. But I am not entirely sure how to do that in Game Maker Studio.


Let me expand on the question and subtly bump the thread…
If say I want to program my own debug tools, is there a better way to do it, than having a tons of variables and attaching them to different stuff I want to test?
Because at the moment that’s the best thing that comes to my mind - just a whole bunch of variables and then attaching each variable to a trigger like a button press or an in-game setting and an even execution like resolution change or something…


That is how I would do it.