Bash Shell as Website Navigation Bar

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I'm a newb at web design but I wanted to make the header and navbar of my website a (partial) terminal. So to navigate the website you will need to learn some terminal. cd to move different pages and stuff like that. Would I use javascript to emulate the terminal and how would I tie that in with the php or html. It's mostly likely going to be a custom wordpress theme.

Fresh from and maybe a lead in the right direction:

If you are just looking for the Terminal behavior in a browser but no actual access to your server, you should look at term.js and josh.js. My money's on the former but I don't have any experience with them so that's just a guess. Also look into guides on how to create virtual file systems in the browser, etc. Here's a good one on HTML5 Rocks (specifically look at the HTML 5 Terminal example): Exploring the FileSystem APIs


Thank You @Th3Z0ne this really helped

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You are welcome - it was a quick google search for "javascript bash" ;)

You could probably compile bash/*sh using emscripten, and have it display using term.js.
Shouldn't be too hard, in fact it has been done in serveral ways already: there is the javascript x86 emulator, which can of course run linux, and I've seen projects thatcompile busybox(including a shell) for the web, and just a shell should be doable.