Bargain or Not

So i went to a general store the other day, and i noticed in some games in a shelf, i proceded to look into it, and see a couple of old games, but i see one that i notice more, its a metal box, Lord of the Rings Online Gold Edition, i proceed to look into the price tag and i see 1.99€.

I Thought to my self well just the box is worth it, i've never played LOTRO neither do i know anyone that plays it, So if there are any players out there, was it worth it?

I haven't opened it yet, neither took the plastic cover out of it, but it is a little bit more heavy than it looks.

The games is this one, can provide pictures if needed.

Never played it, but €1.99 is hardly a waste even if you put half an hour into it.

Yeaa, i guess you are right, thanks for the reply.