Baremetal recovery of a remote host with VEEAM and DYI Virtual KVM on Kimsufi with an LT2P/IPsec VPN

I have multiple servers with OVH with their other brands like Kimsufi and SoYouStart, and my backup solution is using free VEEAM agents to backup onto two local server through a mix of L2TP/IPSec and Wireguard VPN tunnels (SyS backups onto friend’s Unraid that has more storage) and I just realized after a year of using this backup system that once the time comes, I won’t actually be able to utilize the recovery media as Kimsufi doesn’t offer a vKVM console and the VEEAM recovery media can’t connect to a VPN.

One part of the problem can be solved by using the “Rescue” distro based on Debian to DYI a vKVM using QEMU and VNC, but the other part of the issue still stands where the recovery media won’t be able to reach the data for restoration.

Is there any way how to make the QEMU instance use my local network via VPN, pass the remote drive into a local VM to recover that way or do I need to completely rethink my recovery strategy? I’d heavily prefer not to open up NFS on my firewall if possible.