Barebones/Shell Laptops?

So I've heard of people being able to buy the Shell of laptops that laptop makers use like and building a laptop themselves and saving lots of money.

So where would I get all the parts?  I'll make a list of what i'd like.

15.6 -17.3 screen 1080p

i5 4210m+

8gb ram


I think for memory I'll just use a SSD (probably a samsung 840 evo)

DVD drive

some sort of wifi card

uk keyboard

for the shell (or case you could say) I don't really mind as long as it's good quality and will fit everything inside (however I'd LOVE a metal case that's slim,brushed aluminium would be nice )

I live in Ireland but if needs be I can get parts shipped from the UK easily. 

NOTE:If there is no possible way just leave this thread to die


The only way to "build" a laptop is to get a barebones kit that already has everything but the hard drive, processor, and the RAM put together. I know Clevo makes barebones and the MSI "Whitebook" is pretty much the same idea.

Thanks for the info I'll check them out.