Barack Obama 'to end hoarding of NSA phone data'



American's phone data... what about the rest of the world? trololol

Does the government have an insurmountable credibility problem? Possibly.

An agency with two main functions-information gathering and secrecy- can never be trusted to scale back on either.

I'm more inclined to think they will put more effort into the appearance of transparity, PR games, and strengthening their legal stance when court challenges arise.

Well, basically he said we won't monitor domestic communications (too much), we won't monitor the communications of foreign leaders (unless we have reason). ETC...

Personally, I don't give a shit if anyone outside my country is hacked. Spying has been happening since the dawn of man, it is in the spies' interest to spy - and the spied upon's responsibility to resist it.

OOOOOOH, OHHHHH, They are using the current technology to do it? Who knew? Everybody. It's just the current media that has exposed it (again).

If you think your country isn't doing it, you live in a bubble.

So much doubletalk.  "We're going to continue doing what we've been doing because terrorism and 9/11, and every other country does the same thing,"

but then, "America will be a leader in privacy advocacy - can you see China and Russia caring about privacy as much as I want you to think we do?  As the world's only superpower, we will set the example."

I also loved the matter-of-fact references to the non-existent terrorist-attack preventions afforded by the NSA's programs, and the "untold damage" done by Snowden's info leaks. 

Seems legit!

Hang the piece of shyt and the ones before him.


I love that graphic "How intelligence is gathered". So it swirls around between that guy at the computer and an old cell phone?

got to hand it to them, they know what there doing



Heh. Is there anyone that believes this?