Bang for your buck laptop

What is the best bang for your buck laptop that can play all the games out there?

Less than $600   

   your welcome.

Under 600 bucks, you're looking at a very limited market. The Acer V5-552Gs were the best for gaming by a pretty good margin, but they only made those for a couple months. They had an A8-5xxx APU (which is actually pretty beast at games on its own) and an 8750M dedicated card, and they would run in crossfire, if you wanted.

They don't make those anymore, despite them being sold out on newegg for most of their lifetime.

Now most of the laptops in that price range have no dedicated card, or a 610M at best, which is actually slower than the A8 APU's integrated GPU.

If you want performance, you check the used market, like those the above poster found, though I'm sure you could do better than those if you dig more.


i was looking at this Acer but I don't know what to think of it. Thanks for the link btw. as far as I am concerned this is the most bang for your buck in the market we live in.

Yea but it's discontinued 

That's probably the best in this thread so far. Really, the best gaming deals in laptops are in the $800-$1100 range, if you can save up a couple hundred bucks more.

No that's obviously not true because I just bought mine like last month. So check your sources bud.

Also you can get it off amazon and best buy and many other technology stores.

To be honest at your budget your not going to get a great gaming experience. I'd say look in the used category to find something that would fit your budget and actually play games. 

Used asus gaming laptops