Bang for the buck SSD, storage wise, speeds 'less' important

With the holidays coming up, it'll be pricey times but also cash presents time and i'm looking at a second ssd.

Right now i have a crucial 120gb ssd (bx100, i believe) with my os, games, music recording software on it. Since it's an ssd it'll be faster than an hdd anyways so insane speeds aren't needed.. and this one is getting quite crowded so i'd like to get a second one. Sata, no pcie.

I've been looking at a crucial with 250gb storage, the budget sandisks, the budget kingston hyper x's etc, samsungs 250gb or up, price range €50-€100. I might hold out until the post holiday sales. But it's tricky finding good deals on pc stuff in europe, it's not a myth.
Those mushkin and samsung ssd's look yummy but it will be quiiite some time before any 1tb ssd will be sub €150, grrraaah.


I've had excellent experiences with Sandisk, and they are dirt cheap. I bought a 960GiB for $199 American, I don't know how much they are in Euro, but maybe the 480GiB or the 240GiBs should hopefully be something to consider.

sandisk ultra series, the 960gb one, cheapest i see them on is around €250, but that is idd a fair price for that amount of storage. Crucial bx200 of 960gb is at €307

Samsung 850 EVO 250GB € 79,-

Sandisk SSD Plus 240GB € 76,16


but then you get more out of it if you spend just a little bit more on bigger storage(400gb+), perhaps i should wait a little longer and save some more for atleast a 480gb one...seems like better value anyways. choices. :) or get a 250gb one and another 250 later, which would be ...stupid.

It depends on what you wish to use the 250GiB or the 480GiB for. for games, I'd recommend the 400+ GiB storage. (The amount of space these games take now-a-days is absurd)

if you just need maybe a few apps, and a slight amount a games or Music recording (as you mentioned), you can definitely get away with the 250GiB option. though if you need something for cheap I would vote on the Sandisk, or if you can afford the Samsung, then by all means get the Samsung, it's much faster. though in a real-world scenario, you won't really notice the difference between the two when it comes to speed.

idd, the sandisk ultra seems a good option, but cheapest 480 gig would be that crucial bx200, it's a wee bit slower than the sandisk but €10 cheaper. Would be €40 over budget but i'm a chick, those never stick with the set budget. ;)

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I'm using a Sandisk Ultra 250GB. Has been solid (scuse the pun) and reliable as a cheap SSD where price came foremost. Don't regret buying it, would gladly recommend as a cheap SSD to anyone. Was £100 a year ago.

What model and where did you get it for that price?

Maybe this guide can help shed some light? I'm actually looking for an SSD myself, so I've done quite a bit of research. I won't hijack this thread though.

All Glory to Based Microcenter. and the 960GiB I bought is the ULTRA II model.

thanks for the link, i'll give it a read tomorrow. though i'm sure those US prices might make me cry when i look for the products on eu stores. ;)

No problem, I keep getting told that brand name and cost/GB are the most important factors, but I think this is under the assumption that I'm going to replace the drive before it shows warnings of failure? I'm not sure.

Might be a bit risky, but you could probably buy a second 120GB BX100 and use RAID0 on them.

I did a similar thing with my SSDs. I bought a Samsung 840 for my laptop. A few months later I built a desktop and was sure to buy the same SSD. Eventually I swapped the SSD out of the laptop and put it in my desktop for a RAID0 config.

Only issue with this is you would be stuck with 240GB unless you get more drives to add to the RAID 0 array.

yeah, right now my plan is to wait a tad bit longer and spend a bit more on a 480/500 gb one i can keep a little longer (and from a popular brand with a budget line like crucial, sandisk, samsung, even the kingston hyper x seems an option, budget-wise), anything less than that for storage is just going to get crowded so fast again anyways that i'll end up with a bunch of small ssd's over time. I don't expect a drive to fail after 2 years of use, though there's always a chance it does, i've only had a drive fail on me once in a little over 15 years of pc use so i'm not too worried about it.

I just bought a 250 Samsung 850 Evo for 70 USD. I would rather pay an extra 5-10 dollars for the reliability of a Samsung . But ScanDisk has a 120g for around 40 bucks if you want something dirt cheap.

Crucial or Samsung really. MX100 or 850 evo 250gb. I just bought the evo for 90 bucks, a steal imo. I have the MX100 in my wife's computer and it's also spectacular.

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I read that SATA III SSDs have pretty much hit the wall, performance-wise, and that some of the lower end models perform at comparable levels, such as the 850 Evo to the 850 Pro.

I agree, if you have quite a few games that take a lot of space that you play regularly, I think nothing less than 500 GB is a safe bet. Wouldn't want to have to buy another drive.

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there'll be post holiday sales soon, keeping an eye on the sites i usually order from, hoping to score a priced down 480/500gb one or get something off the price with vouchers.

Yeah, I'm counting on that too. I recommend PriceZombie for price watching, but sometimes it can be hard to sift through the search results.

oh cool, i usually use and ''beslist'' or ''preisroboter'' for pc hardware as i am in belgium, so i usually order from netherlands, germany or belgium, wherever it's priced lowest and low or no shipping costs.

Oh, my bad, they only have UK prices in Europe, currently.

if it's not UK shops only i can deal with converting to €

on that note, we need shops like monoprice, newegg etc in belgium, or even just netherlands, germany, france
i'm all for family business pc shops but they just can't offer competitive pricing sadly.