Bang for buck mirrorless camera

Does anyone have good suggestions on a good mirrorless camera? I'm currently looking at the Fuji X-E2s used for 500, if anyone can find something better please let me know. I'm mainly looking for a camera with a dynamic range above 10 stops and of course can change lenses. thank you

If it makes a difference in price, the X-E2 (no s) is basically the same camera.
If the image quality is all you care about, the X-E1 has the same sensor.

What do you wanna shoot with it?

I mainly want to do landscape and night photography, I've been working with film for awhile and I really want to switch to digital.

If you don't really need the autofocus, get the X-E1 for 200,- or so.
Try it out, look what you like, what you don't like, what you're missing... then go from there.


Two of those are specifically about video. Maybe you should start reading first....

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ok, I think i've settled on a camera. I'm going to get the Fuji x-e2 because even though it has the same sensor as the x-e1 it has wifi built in which helps with when i want to quickly share a photo. My next main thing is trying to find a 35mm lens with a t mount. I would like this lens because I already have a 500mm lense with a t mount

No, hold on. STOP!

Wifi is cheap. Get an Eye-Fi card, never worry about wifi again in a camera.
Even cheaper: get an OTG card reader for your phone, put it into the camera bag. That doesn't even drain the battery.
The absolute cheapest: get a micro SD to SD adapter card into your camera and shoot directly onto the micro SD card that lives in your phone.

Save yourself 300,- bucks and put that money into the Fuji 35mm f/1.4 lens.
The X-E2 will get old and outdated in months.
Good glass will always be good glass.

ok,thank you