BandCamp Does not support my Country

Can u plz add the new album to EPIC Pants Store ??

With a Discount Maybe :> ?

so i can buy the damn thing


It will come, @Logan did say that it would go up on bandcamp and epicpants.

I would say just try a US VPN as given I was able to get out of paying 20% VAT I reckon you could probably download the album too.

it says i need valid

and i dont know this info for US

To do what?
Get on it or buy the album?

buy the album
ON THE check out

erm make it up?
Whenever I get asked for a postcode I just use the Buckingham palace one lel, I'd presume the White House has Zip, use that.
Then just use the most generic 11 digit phone number you can think of.


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erm thats not in the US but okie, was just the example I use when a website in the UK asks me XD
But if it works

i meant the idea hahahahh

i used HONDA Detroit address and number ahahaha

lel it worked I take it?

It's also on baboom

It makes no different to me as ive already got it, but which give you the biggest share?

Well, Bandcamp is best for momentum, but epicpants gives me like 60 cents more, so it adds up, but being on the main page of Bandcamp offsets it.