Ban On Oktoberfest

So there seems to be a recent event of Syrian refugees wanting to stop Oktoberfest because they are offended by it, I was wondering what you guys think?
I heard it was fake?

Well if that is true then fuck them.

Who the hell are they to impose there fucked up culture on the country who is hosting them.


I am atheist so I am not biased towards one religion over another but Islam seems to be the most closed minded of all the religions. I am sorry but it is just true regardless of how they want to sugar coat it.


We shouldn't care that it offends them, there's plenty of things that we're offended by. Do we demand it gets shut down? No.

It's calling putting up with it like everyone else does.

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Democracy: noun, the possibilty for anyone to take part in politics and getting offended by anything.

Is this world really that polarized? Is there only "Make me happy. Anyone else starve."? People get offended by children in a playground these days. If someone gets here just to get offended no matter of religion, skin tone or anything else: You are free to come and free to go.

Live along each other or don´t. But if you don´t, prepare for German outrage...


Maybe there's a handful of crazies who want it banned for crazy religious reasons, but they're the same as the Christians who try to ban everything. Just ignore them like everyone else. The idea that Muslims want to ban all western holidays is nonsense. When I was in Indonesia last Christmas I saw Muslim girls wearing head scarves and reindeer antlers and mall Santas who stop for prayer breaks.

Besides it's a petition, who cares?

Wait, are we all just assuming this is true? I don't know about you but the article sounds pretty biased. Not that that means anything, but it doesn't inspire much confidence.

In the event that it is true, well you always have a couple of lunatics in big groups of people.



How is this news!? It has 500 signatures, from the whole internet. You could get 500 signatures for almost anything.

I doubt it is real anyway; probably just made up by anti-muslims to inflame tensions. Kind of like when people say how black-boards now have to be called chalk-boards in schools, as the former is deemed offensive to black people. Complete urban myth. Besides I am sure refugees have more pressing issues at the moment than to be concerning themselves with a beer festival.

If true, I find it intolerant. Even if no one likes drunk people.

Banning beer in any shape or form is not going to happen in Germany. Beer is a part of their identity/culture/tradition. Although may I remind you, it did happen in USA nationwide during prohibition. With several hundred counties nationwide still enforcing prohibition to this day.


sounds like troll/satire news.

"Concerned citizens" keep fearmongering and Islamophobia is a thing not just in the US.
Last year when I was in school the first refugees arived in our small town I met some of them and they dont want to impose anything on us, they try to integrate.

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It was real. There was a reaction on the same petition site.

In Germany there is a movement called "Pegida" which stands for "Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes" (translates to "Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident" according to Wikipedia)
So the US got Trump against Muslims/Mexicans and we got a bunch of people against them. So yeah...
Basically we have our own little problem with people being proud of crusades (Mass murder in the name of religion) and the holocaust (Mass murder in the name of human "races") and so on. It all sounds like fun when writen down. The moment you open the newspaper and the first line is "Erneut Asylheim in brannt gesteckt" (translates to "A new case of malicious arson on refuge shelter") the fun is over in one of the most disgusting ways.

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Looks like history is repeating itself.

See I have the answer.

The UN nukes all major religious sites. I do not mean blow it up. I mean literally turn all religious sites into a radioactive crater.

I don't mean just Muslim sites either. I mean the Vatican, The Dome on the rock, Buddhist temples, everything.

This is not a hate filled solution either. Everyone needs to be on board. If we nuke everything then no one can lay claim to anything.

If we get rid of all religious sites, and everyone can sit home and read what ever fucking book they want to read, then MAYBE we can all start to get along.

And if there are some crazy people who still want to go to the crater and do what ever they want to do, they will simply die from radiation poisoning.

super simple

I don't have a problem with Islam per say. Just the animals stuck in the middle ages who call for holy crusades.

And unfortunately it looks like what was the minority in the region, the racidal islamists now seem to be the majority.

And even those of moderate belief still think they have the right to impose sharia law upon people of diffrent faiths and cultures.

Other religions had these characteristics the difrence being that they evolved with modern society.

They have their right to demand whatever. However, how democracy works, this particular demand will never go through in a country where pretty much everyone else loves what these refugees are supposedly trying to ban. Also I wouldn't be so sure that any of them have any say on the matter anyway, as they dont have citizenship in Germany and therefore a right to vote or petition anything.

If it turns so the majority supports the ban, then it should be banned.

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So, you're suggesting doing the same as all the other religious extremists/religious terrorists do? How's that different?

How about banning propaganda and/or advertisement for religion on the internet? That would help a lot. Sure it would hurt anyone a little but it would hurt the "propaganda-based"-religions the most.

Edit: I just went deskbanging... WHAT THE F_ _ _ did I just write? That is what Nvidia does but slightly different. After rethinking this, I have no idea what to do. I will leave my bad idea up there so I am the only one jumping into a deep muddy pit...

Hey dude, Muslims aren't a

They have amazing food, complex art, and very unique music. Their culture was actually very peaceful historically, as the religion its self did no real warfare until the Christian Knights of the Templar slaughtered them.
What you see now are only extremists, who are only using religion as an excuse to kill.
And any group of people have the right to ask something of a government, because they are people like you and me. If you believe in freedom, then you shouldn't be offended by a group asking for something.
Do I agree that it is a silly request? Yup. But it should be respected. (But not necessarily granted.)
So, tl;dr Please stop being a bigoted, hypocritical ass-hat. Your'e only making your self look bad.

Enlightening the citizens to prevent such extremist groups from recruting people would be - imo - a much better way to fight them than basically censoring propaganda. The dangerous part is: who decides what is and what isn't propaganda? And a bit further down the road: who decides who is an extremist? (bad scenario: you're not satisfied with the government and want to do a demo? that's now a crime and you'll be arrested or even shot).
Doesn't mean that my proposal would work. It is a difficult situation, especially in a time like this where people get offended by practically everything.

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That is exactly my opinion. I took my time to think about this a little. Maybe doing nothing is the best thing to do.