Balanced pc help

Hey everyone, I'm looking to start upgrading my PC and I'm trying to go with a balanced approach. I have an amd a10-5800k CPU and just bought a 7870 GPU. What would be a good CPU/mobo upgrade be to balance out the graphics card. I saw the video posted about the fx 8350 and would like that but not sure if there are other options that are cheaper that could match it or come close when over clocked. Any other info on my build would be greatly appreciated...Thank you

  • A10-5800k
  • 7870  2gb GPU
  • Cx600 corsair PSU
  • 120xl liquid cooler
  • 8gb vengeance ram 
  • WD black HDD (ssd coming soon)

The FX 8320 with a Asus 990fx evo or pro motherboard would be the way to go then OC the cpu