Baking GPUs May Do More Harm Than Good

Points to take in the video:

  • It's not a permanent solution because the fluctuating heat from the die/chip can melt and disconnect the already banged up soldering from normal usage.

  • The problem that may have been easily fixed through another method that didn't require baking would potentially now be impossible to fixed because of the variable the baking process created.

  • Different components in the GPU has their own soldering method and material used and baking the GPU for one small part will mess up other soldering due to different temperature curve requirement for re-flowing.

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Just one thing to consider:
Most capacitors are rated 85°C or 105°C. Average electronics solder melts at 250°C. See the problem?

I'm fairly sure that baking your GPU is an absolute last-ditch "possible solution."

Louis Rossmann did a video about this a while ago, even managed to get the attention of Linus.
The only real way to fix such an issue is with a proper BGA machine.

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