Bag big enough to fit large intous pro tablet and 17" alienware

hey there.

this is my first time using the forum.

ive searched for so many hours on this topic and have not been successful.

I'm looking for a bag to fit both my large Wacom intous pro tablet and my 17.3" alienware laptop.
the only bag I think that will fit this is the thermaltake esports battledragon lan bag but that is no longer on the market at its RRP.

I'm hoping there is someone who has been through this situation and has found a bag big enough.

You're probably going to want to try and find a 19" laptop backpack, or any old big military backpack would probably be good enough as well.

Or you could always waste 100 bucks on that razer tactical bag, although really it's probably not too bad a bag overall.

glad you updated the post as I was like u cant get 19" bags? I totally forgot about military backpacks.

ill look into that razer bag

It's basically a military style bag, without the camo look to it, i guess it's alright though, it's currently $110 on walmart

And a 19" bag, 20 bucks ish

good old linus

having done some research I have come up dry.

I'm unable to use most American online stores due to being in Australia.

I think my only hopes are to sell my tablet and get a small or medium.

Look for hiking backpacks. They're often large enough for what you need. Basically anything that is at least 49cm high, and 32cm wide will work. These are from an Australian store:

They also have daypacks specifically for laptops, though I wasn't able to find any in Australia in my quick search:

Or like others have suggested, if you can find a large military style backpack. Either new, or from a surplus store (I assume you have those down under).

On another note, I use an Intuos Medium, and am perfectly content with the size, and have no trouble fitting it into a standard laptop backpack. This is the one I've had for the last 8 years or so:

So if you want to go with a medium, it might make traveling with it a bit easier.

We need to move you to America, your amazon like only has digital goods.

Why don't you just like head to a local store with your laptop and see which bag works best?

yea the amazon in aus is just books and stuff its so stupid.

ive gone to retail store called move in my area and I picked up a hershal little America 15" laptop bag it fits the laptop and tablet due to it using a clip over top and draw string to close.

That doesn't sound very secure

Glad you found something. Post a picture if you can.

it actually is, I know it sounds stupid but it holds everything safe

Ill post some images shortly as ive just moved back to my parents house and I'm still setting everything up.
in the mean time here is a stock image I found on

When you said draw string I was picturing more one of those thin sports bags.

I might be crazy but not that crazy.

under the flap is a drawstring that pulls tight

Looks nice and sturdy. Good find.