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making a video of you and sharing it badge? like showing off something, a guide, or what ever. something like a film roll and how many clicks it gets is the bronze silver gold teirs.

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You mean a film reel?



well ‘reel’ and ‘roll’ is up for discussion later.
but yeah basically



Or a YouTube logo



i wanted to avoid the youtube monster as a badge cause there are alot who use other ways to share videos



Its still the easiest and the one that will get most views

Its the defacto platform



ok we’ll leave this here but ok

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saw the thread Forum Update 0x00: init 6
and thought to myself, why not combine wargames and badges? winner of say “the winner of the L1T 1rst csgo competition” or whatever gets a themed badge with the game they won as the prize. it would be a bit of work to make the various badges but the one time opportunity to get that permanent unique badge would be pretty nice incentive for the wargames. maybe a silver /gold/bronze version for the 1rst/second/third place wining players/teams. idk abotu making titles as say “bronze winner of the 582nd L1T overwatch championship” is a bit of a mouthful.


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It sounds great. what I was reading from ya. If if you want see my posts guidelines and prepare them to be made… i.e grab the stuff needed to make a badge and it can be decided on



Great idea!

This is one of the things I’d love to do. Back when we did the get motivated threads, we did some badges, I believe. We can absolutely do badges for community events!

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what the badges would be depends on what games are played in wargames. be it computer, console, D&D, whatever. like csgo could be a 8 bit global elite badge in the 3 colors.

i figure makingit 8 bit would be transformative enough to get around a valve cease and desist or takedown or whatever

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Yeah. Well how about a CSGO one just to test. I actually have never played CSGO im more of a civ fan… but I might get the game soon. Testing the waters is key

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If we want to have a tourney, we should do it and test it out.

I’d say we do a bronze silver gold on that. I’m not a fan of participation trophies for competitions, so if we do a tourney, I’d say no participation badge, but for something like a get motivated challenge or whatever, a participation badge sounds good to me.



idk about that bronze color im kinda bad at gimp. i think this is 16 bit not 8 as 8 looked kinda bad with how low res the images are. someone better at art pls
gold%20global redish%20bronze%20global silver%20global



If you make them purely grayscale discourse can color them the rest of the way

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speaking french to me



I should be able to flatten the color out of it.

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Oh I was about to download them and grayscale them but heck im lazy you do it :rofl:



As your Administrator, I strongly recommend that you do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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feels strong armed


Lol not tonight im exhausted

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