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Badge Recommendation Post


Alright come one come all with your suggestions for badges. @sgtawesomesauce informed us in the meta it was high time for some new badges and I cannot help but agree.

All badge ideas will be taken into consideration. In order to make the suggestion the discourse forum has the following requirements. In order for your suggestion to be valid. Please meet these requirements:

I have my own suggestions that I will get to providing however I would like to see other users suggestions come before my own.

For those who wish to know what the admin panel looks like for the area. It has been approved for posting and provided below.

The forum looks forward to your suggestions :slight_smile:

Please include a Yes/No poll in your suggestion post and set it to close after 5 days.




List of approved badges: (once decided on will be added here)



For @AdminDev’sBSD challenge, would it be possible to get the following?

GOLD colored

Friend of Groff

Used *BSD for one year, completing the one year *BSD challenge

Daemon Pen Pal

Writing a *BSD blog documenting your entry in the one year *BSD challenge


Daemon Master

Used *BSD for six months


Daemon Wrangler

Installed *BSD

Daemon Hunter

Used *BSD for one month

Admindev came up with them. All hail the devadmin.



A badge for installing Gentoo/LFS/SourceMage

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Outstanding User of the Month

Awarded to someone who has been extremely helpful to forum users during the month.



We don’t have a hardware/general project badge. Just art/music/software related ones.



Isn’t that already a default badge?

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It would be for the non new people.



no one that was here before the badge is eligible for it, which is poo

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Ah, ok.

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i got it…image



On your what? 4th account? None of the original accounts before a certain time frame can get it.



oh no its the 4th account still got it tho



slow :clap: clap :clap:, there’s a hundred thousand accounts that cant



Try to keep the discussion focused on badges :slight_smile:

Thinking about car specific badges. Give the car people some swag

Formats for each brand are as follows @sgtawesomesauce Lets test only one for now or two to see if we can get them to grant

Name: Ford Proud
Icon/Image: imageI can doctor this to make it better
Type (bronze, silver, gold): SIlver
Group (getting started, community, posting, other): Community
Description (short and long): Awarded for owning a Ford vehicle or being Ford brand loyal
Should it be a title: If you want
Can it be granted multiple times: No

I was thinking can an additional form be made in the user profile to list a vehicle they own?



I think it would be better if we keep the current style of the icons on the badges.

Also here are some for the bsd ones that Goalkeeper suggested.




Nice work, bro. Those are sexy.

By the way. Admindev came up with the titles and descriptions.

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I still really want these badges :smiley: (But my post is not entirely 100% serious though … well maybe except for the RTFM’D badge :upside_down_face:)

Name: RTFM’D
Group: Community
Type: Gold

For replying to your own question thread with a solution that might be helpful to others :stuck_out_tongue:
Kind of a consolation prize for when the tumble weed blows through a thread you create asking for help but you
eventually figure out the problem yourself.


Name: WTF?
Group: Community
Type: Bronze, Silver or Gold (I am not sure how someone would receive this badge 3 times, but maybe)

The RTFM’D badge has the side effect of sometimes awarding the “Tutor” badge, which might then award this badge if the OP had no intention of writing a tutorial to begin with.


Name: Badger
Group: Community
Type: Bronze, Silver or Gold (Depending on the number of badges contributed)

Just because I’d like to have this badge if any of my other badges are accepted.




The first and third ones are nice, not sure about the second one.

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Not sure if I need to describe them in any way: