"Bad Superblock" Recovery of Backup Disk

So my backup disk is mistakenly on NTFS. Ech. And because I’m a fat lazy fuck I forgot that photorec doesn’t rebuild the file structure and I have about 250 folders of my 111GB home folder backup that I can sort, or, I can just fix the bad superblock thing.

Fun thing is, I forget how to do that. So uh, how do I do that again?

Haven’t done much fixing on NTFS but my first go would probably be to run ntfsfix.

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It said run through chkdsk. Lets hope windows 10 doesn’t just give up and format it.


You know what I hope Sriracha Nadella runs that fucking business into the ground.

“Well at least you have your photorec pull”

Sure, and fuckingf nothing from it is organized so photo’s are everywhere, scripts are everywhere. Sure at least I HAVE the data, but its 100 fucking gigs shotgunned all over the fucking place.

Windows is fucking garbage, and if the bill gates fanboys need a reason heres the best one I can give.

“But aremis this is what you get for using NTFS. Why didn’t you use ext?”

Because GPARTED refused to format it in EXT. In fact, I couldn’t format the thing in anything except NTFS, then into something else.

I am going to go punch a goat or something. (not really)

Alright I’m going to leave it hooked up to badblocks and just see what happens. Good thing I’m going out to lunch.


Dude, I know this data is important to you, but I lost 300GB of photos a decade back.

Why were you not booted in safe mode before attempting chkdsk? That’s like A+ 101.

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Why in the fuck would I need to boot in a special mode to do a basic task.

Thats OS design 101.

I am NOT losing this.

To prevent exactly what happened from happening. Also, chkdsk isn’t a basic task. It’s low-level, but it’s a fundamentally complex and dangerous task to interrupt, so you don’t want to start any services that could cause the system to interrupt the task.

It’s like running fsck in single-user mode. It’s just what you do.

If they want to run windows in enterprise then they need to realize that it is a basic task. I shouldn’t have to go into special bumper helmet mode to keep this retard OS from running into a car.

I think if I can DD the data into a directory it’ll be fine.

You don’t run windows 10 in the enterprise.

Just because you’re mad about a situation doesn’t mean you can throw the blame all around.

Can’t believe I’m defending windows right now.

I thought win 10 is the only version that MS is properly supporting now?

And just had to google the special dance one needs to summon safe mode

Are you having a stroke?

Yeah, technically.

Lots are still on 7/8, but the important thing is that server 2016 doesn’t do this. Also, windows 10 enterprise doesn’t do that either, but I’m fairly certain that @FaunCB isn’t running 10 enterprise.

Gotcha… Forgot about enterprise edition, rather than the Beta they gave me as a free upgrade :smile:

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I’m running 10 Enterprise right now. It’s in ‘beta’ here at my work.

As @SgtAwesomesauce said, its not a basic task.

Its like running badblocks in linux. You don’t want that drive to be doing anything while running the check. So, in windows, to do that you boot up in safe mode; which isn’t helmet mode, it just boots the system with the bare minimum drivers needed to function so you do can your tests. We do this in the enterprise all the time.

And if you were so concerned, why did you not disable the network interface?

Just because you don’t understand something being angry with it won’t make it magically work. It takes effort. As long as you maintain your patience you should be able to get through this.

Ok I got it. Its a weird combo of using badblocks and ntfsfix.