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Bad RAM speeds on Ryzen 5000

I went a little overboard and purchased the following RAM for my 5900X and Gigabyte X570 Auros Master (rev 1.2):

Granted, it is neither on Gigabyte’s QVL nor G.Skill’s but I figured that might be because Ryzen 5000 wasn’t available at the time I purchased it.
I wasn’t able to hit 4000MHz but I didn’t mind, I thought I would go with 3800MHz and tight timings. I also quickly tried the DRAM calculator to see the “recommended” settings (It says 3600MHz because I wanted to get 3600 running before I would try 3800).

But…my RAM turned out to be awful. The best I can do is 3200 with CL16 (didn’t test tighter timings yet). I can’t even boot with 3400 and 1.4V…

Thus, I will return the sticks and get new ones. Any recommendations?
I want/need 32GB RAM and would like good stats. I’m willing to pay roughly 300$.

Ryzen DRAM calculator has support for Zen 3?

No it has not, but I went with Ryzen 3000 settings.

If you have time on your return I’d say stick with the kit you have and maybe wait for a new BIOS that improves memory compatibility.
Maybe email G.Skill about this and ask them when and if they’re gonna have this kit certified for Ryzen 5000.

Regarding other RAM I’ve seen Micron E-die RAM being talked about often on the r/overclocking subreddit as a good alternative to B-die that’s more sensitive to high temperatures.

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Yeah i have read about that as well.
So maybe Crucial Balistix 3600mhz CL16 kits with micron-e die might be a good option.

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I’ve thought about picking up these sticks:

They are in G.Skill’s QVL for mainboard and while they aren’t clocked that high the timings are rather tight (16-16-16-36)

I mistakingly thought that all TridentZ were Samsung-B and bought

Can reach 4000Mhz with on the 5950X but not with IF 1:1
Dropping to 3800Mhz and it works with the timings from XMP and 1:! IF.

Funny thing was that the previous 2x

needed to be overclocked to 3600Mhz 16-16-16-(dont remember) to work.

Board is MSI Prestige X570 Creation. Still has one of the 1xPCIe free.

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I have the 16GB C18 kit of the same make and model and had to return it twice already because they broke after 2 and half months.

This is my experience obv and many other people have Trident Z memory that works perfectly. For me has not been the case so I’d say watch out if you’re having werid issues and check immediatly if it’s the RAM.

(Only ran them at the XMP speeds, slight undervolt on the CPU, Asus C7 Impact that’s on their QVL)

Keep in mind some Gigabyte boards (But especially the AMD ITX ones right now) currently have borked Memory voltage LLC settings that can’t be fixed by changing a BIOS option. Under load it will overvoltage by 0.015-0.02v.

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can you link me to more information on this? this would explain poor memory support on my gigabyte boards

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Gigabyte forums have reports of overvoltage under load.

Same board as me, same LLC issue:

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ah all mine are 300 series boards, they didn’t like to apply memory voltage settings and ran at stock voltage

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Your board does. #notall

Other models may not have this issue.

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Anandtech’s own X570 I Aorus Pro also overvoltaged the RAM, and see the user report with the same mobo I linked from the Gigabyte forum earlier in this thread.

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Do you think they will be able to do this in a reasonable time? For me this seems like a rather long process to be honest…

I thought about picking up this board, but I heard many good things about the Aorus Master. (Furthermore, it has this BIOS flash without CPU thingy^^). Also, GN uses this board for their benchmarks :slight_smile:

Thx! Do you use Memtest or that thing Buildzoid uses? (I forgot the name)

Hmm…that’s the first time I’ve ever heard of that. Couldn’t I just decrease the voltage ever so slightly to reduce this issue? Or are the steeping to large?

I really don’t know what’s the time frame for something like that. Maybe shoot them an email or ask on Twitter (if they answer questions there)

Weirdly AIDA64 memtest immediatly spotted issues with my RAM. With a full, non-looped test, memtest86+ didn’t show issues and didn’t have issues with TM5 (that’s what buildzoid uses).

If you want to test for the worst possible scenario you can use TM5 + anta777 configuration file for TM5. You should be able to easly find both of them online. If not I can make you a wetransfer link with the program + anta777 config included.

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The steppings are 0.01v, so you’d only need to undervolt by 0.02v on a affected board if you also have a high BCLK like 100.4Mhz.

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Thank you for this bit of information. Maybe I’ll come back to that offer, even though I believe I will be able to find it.

In regards to the RAM kit linked above. I’ve also chosen this RAM because it seems similar to one of the sticks GN has tested.

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I either am too dumb or blind, but I can’t ever find the memory on the QVL. I just took a chance and bought the memory everyone says works for Ryzen. Granted I am using a Ryzen 5 3600 on a Gigabyte Aorus X570 Master Rev. 1.1 It has worked great.

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I’ve found the sticks on the list here:§32GB%20(16GBx2),Tested_Speed§3600MHz,Tested_Latency§16-16-16-36,

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