Bad MSI motherboards

i remember when i frist got into custom pc's . i had one build with a MSI motherboard that crapped out after a few months. this pc had a 900mhz intel ( i could not afford a 1Ghz ptentuim at the time) . 

i am surpised even now MSI has not clean up there act.

yeah I had a MSI board for a little while last year that I was less than happy with. Will not buy another although I did no buy that one. It was a gift.

I have an MSi board socket 1150. Came with RAM slots 3 and 4 dead, but I didn't care because I only had two ram sticks and don't care about Dual Channel mode. Other than that it is a solid board. The step up version from my board has a lot better reviews and I was thinking about getting it alot with a Devils Canyon i7

It really depends on the board you get. Some of the cheaper msi boards are cheap because msi was trying to squeeze a lot of profit out the product. If you buy an msi 970a-g43 you can't use any of the fx 8 cores because there are no vrm heatsinks on the board. It is a great board with tons of features, but only if you are using a six core or 4 core. The 760g is garbage, though. I don't know about the intel boards. Most of my friends go for asus. I even have a few friends that go for gigabyte. They are said to be cleaning up their act.

Most cheap boards are bad, however, my old MSI board still works, and it is great. Current MSI have some disadvantage, but it is not bad for now (in terms fo working). Avoid cheap boards anyway.


Msi intel midrange and highend boards are great.

Msi AM3+ boards suck.

My old Pentium 4 s775 is still rocking on an €50 msi board, for allmost 8 years or so. ☺

I've had...

2xMSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR (nforce 2 ultra 400) boards (because 2 PCs, not because one died)

A K8N Diamond Plus (socket 939 nforce 4)

A P55-GD65 and...

A P55-GD80 (because i broke sata connectors myself moving stuff around)

That's over a decades worth of MSI boards both nvidia based and intel...and to be honest i havent had a single issue other than breaking one for being too ham fisted...

Other than your 1 board dying, which to be honest can happen to anything (HP ran to a 4% failure rate in some laptops)...
What problem have you been having with MSI boards? As far as I can tell and have seen their latest boards are pretty rock solid....and now that i've said that i'll sit and wait for mine to die