Bad motherboard?

I just helped my friend finish putting together his first build and it seems that there is a problem with the motherboard. After being turned on, the computer quickly freezes or restarts its self. It freezes in both the bios and in Windows 7. He invested in the MSI 970A-GD3 and a FX-6300. I sold him a temporary 550ti to use and he has the Corsair 430M PSU which should be more than enough to power the system and the WD 1TB drive he has is not the problem. Are there any suggestions as to what I should do to test to see if I am correct with my assumption? Should I just RMA to MSI? 

How did you install Windows on it when it freezes in the BIOS?

Is the BIOS updated to latest version? 

Are you able to memtest the ram in another system?

I will be testing the RAM in another system and I do not beleive the BIOS is updated.

As far as instslling Windows, I am not sure how I pulled it off.

Thanks for the suggestions!

It was the RAM actually. Thanks alot.