Bad monitor, good panel

I just got a monitor for free that doesn't work. I know that the panel works fine because when you turn it on the EnergyStar logo and input notification show up just fine but none of the buttons work and it shows up as no signal when you plug something in. I was just wondering if it is feasible to take the panel out and replace the electronics that drive it. The monitor is a Acer S230 A bii.


if its not flickering or anything and just not detecting inputs most likely going to need a new logic board (may have a different name but that's what I call it) you can normally find them for around 20 bucks or so I would start though by taking it apart and inspecting the board or boards and seeing if anything is visibly wrong and maybe go from there just don't put more money into then what a new/used working monitor would cost you as I have seen 23" ones go for around 50$ or <