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Bad Molex to SATA adapters

I saw this this video on bad Molex to SATA adapters and I'm curious if anyone is using them. I have at least one currently in service which I plan on replacing as soon as possible.

The guy who did this video actually had his file server catch fire because of these connectors. The type of adapter that is prone to catching fire is the moulded type whereas the insert type seem to be more robust because of the separation between the wires.

in China yo u can make/print everything cheap, ( cat 6a copper clad aluminium lol etc).using incorrect awg for the job as long as you can sell it is ok. People want to buy cheap stuff. Nobody gives a 4 letters. If you wanted to make proper adapter /connector you would have bought some wire, crimps,connectors and did it yourself. But being a blind consumer you bring it upon yourself. Its called passing the responsibility.