Backups win7 apps to switch to win8

heyo/sup bro

i'm going to do a flat install to win 8.1, but was interested to hear if there are any backup apps (sort of like )  

are there any software backup apps that you'd recommend that can easily be restored in Windows 8 that operate like that? i.e. checkbox function to select which apps/programs you want to restore?

any recommendation would be ace dude.


i've googl'd some but not totally convinced that they would work in windows 8.

i'm aware i could just 'upgrade' but i'd like to do a clean install, so i could just back up apps i have on win 7 and then nuke/flatten my os for win 8 thats a better option pour moi 

thanks  man



Do a fresh install... Backing up tends to fuck up, data registry and all that jazz. Basically you are better off just exporting settings or data from certain apps and restoring that to freshly installed apps.

word bro.

 may as well do a fresh one i supose.