Backup/Sync/Find missing files with Drivepool (looking to find a backup solution/s)

Im looking to make 2 Stablebit Drivepool pools. One for storage, and one for backup.

I want to be able to do 2 things.

Firstly, Id like to be able to backup (via synchronization) the storage pool to the backup pool periodically, and secondly, if it comes time to restore, I want to restore without needless duplication (particularly with renamed folders) and to be able to see which files were not able to be restored due to being newer than the last backup.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Currently Im thinking of Goodsync for one, but dont know what to do about files that might be in the gap between storage and the last backup.


Borg is a really good solution.

Seems even through Cygwin its not fully supported on windows

Are you running Windows 10? You could look into enabling the Linux Subsystem.