Backup of OS Drive

I am so blown away this didn’t nuke the living shit out my SSD.

Also, does/would adding the file extension .img/.iso hurt anything in the process? I feel like it’s more “official” for categorizing/labeling purposes.

why would this nuke your ssd, it’s one read/write cycle

I’d name it .img but it doesn’t really matter, *nix is promiscuous with mimetypes

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doesnt really matter. Is mostly there for your own good so you know what your supposed todo with a file =P. could rename a .zip to .exe and you would still be able to unzip it

The first time I got an SSD I dude a huge drag and drop with a file or bunch of files or something (I think it was ~40 GB), and that basically killed it/made it go into read only mode

That’s the last time I did something with general mass usage of high capacity etc…

did you buy it from aliexpress or used?

I plan on trying to get it stored to NTFS as well. I looked up NTFS max file size and apparently I was misinformed.

Would it be the same case for NTFS as well?

brand fuckin new from newegg believe it or not! lol

In Ubuntu there’s an application called “disks”. You can image a partition or entire drive. DD works but I prefers a GUI.

Also note to make a proper image you cannot use the drive. You must boot from another drive like USB.

was it newegg or a reseller on newegg?

reflashed smart data is a bit of a problem from storage third parties these days

that or it was just defective flash

just append the file type to whatever your program on ntfs uses to unload it, shouldn’t be a problem

gonna have a look
bought it back before newegg made it easier to tell who the seller was on their site
apparently I bought a “new” HDD green WD 2 TB not from them during that time

I’m thinking it was just defective flash considering how well the replacement has been holding up

okay, because I use an app called ApplePiBaker on Mac, and it gives warning messages about that kind of stuff in terms of making back ups for USBs and selecting the file name/type

if it has an option for raw disk image just use that

This is fucking awesome. I don’t have to live in the stone age as much anymore by having to reinstall all my operating systems if something goes to shit. I’ll have to wait though so I can test for NTFS - I need more capacity.