Backtracking on Molten PCs

Slight dose of nostalgia question. It came to mind, while I was plotting some game acquisitions [towards an XP-Box]. Games were including those I’ve played prior [regardless of console / PC], along with some never have touched. I was then looking at specs needed to run [minimums and NOICE stuff alike]. A few games would be really out, to make the rig condensate with concern… aka, the “PC-Melters”

  • What was your 1st game, that made your setup [at the time] just get unceremoniously bludgeoned?
  • Would you have considered your rig, suitable towards that game [before trying to play it]?
  • Do/Did you have hunch, on why it was so?
    Any salvage attempts to get it running? [beefing up a component, setting dialing, etc.]
  • Ever replayed that game, with a [outright] new rig? Success / Redemption?

Supreme Commander ['2007?]

  • I anticipated it would run, but needing to run with lowered settings, for comfortable pace
  • The [Laptop] GPU was culprit
  • [Non-upgradable / highest conventional option applicable - next tier up, would’ve been some WS suited chip at $$$$$]
  • Actually yes, I did a few years later, on a desktop tower. A bit more visual flashiness, via DX10 “perks”… But was [still] crushing muhh rig, once large swarms were present/engaged and some occasional game-bricking synced strikes