How i do get backtrack installed any ideas it wont run in a VM machine and i cant install it in VMware Workstation ?. Any ideas or do i formatt my spare Acer one and run it on there .



Sorry about any spelling or grammer mistakes there maybe they kicked me out of school 

you just need the VMware version. when I did it, I ran it off a dvd

Tried a DVD and 16gb USB drive and no joy , does it run alongside ubuntu or instead of . I have even tryed installing the back track in VM Workstation which runs anything with no joy ! . 

is the computer set to boot from the disk or stick?

I have set it to boot from both when i tried it with no joy i get a lot of code and script and that is it it doesnt go any further on either stick or disc boot .

tdo you mean post, or does it go into the program? when your running backtrack on a live disk, it doesn't have a desktop environment, you have to do everything by console

it hangs at the tdo then UNIVERES flashes quickly and dissapears then no programe it hangs there. I have downloaded every version with no joy using any off the backtrack site ! "I will dig out the acer one and try it later" .