Backtrack or better?

whats a good OS for network security? I know there is backtrack but are there any other really good programs like it with a large following and lots of support videos for learning? Preferably open source. 

Kali is the newer version of backtrack. There was a total overhaul of package system and it makes it much easier to update.

All of the packages are pretty much the same, so any guides will be the same (pretty much)

I second Jaki, however update to the Debian testing repo so that you have the latest penetration software.

Sorry, I mean Kali 

Kali is bad. Old bt 4.0 was good.

I was looking at try out Kali, what is it that makes it bad compared to bt 4.0?


Gentoo is the industry standard.

Backtrack/Kali is for skiddies.

Don't do that to him!

Gentoo is Standard...

Arch if you want to build all your own packages and insure an invulnerable testing machine

Debian if you want to get every debian based net pene test package...

If you think about it any debian or gentoo based distro will do if you have the right tools.. 


It's just an opinion some people hold. You should still check out Kali as it is the modern iteration of Backtrack Linux.

BT/Kali isn't the best overall distro for pentesting overall, but out of the gate it seems to be packed full of things you might use (although there are more that I find that just get in the way). It's great when you are working on something and you don't have time to prepare, or for someone who is just starting out and wants to play...within the confines of the law I hope. I had a chat the other day about whether these tools are just out there for skiddies or if they are used for a purpose better than that. Both cases are true of course and I compare it to a handgun; easy to use, difficult to use correctly without any training or knowledge but nevertheless extremely lethal in both cases.

I have always preferred Debian myself, but I know a lot of people who swear by Gentoo; maybe it's just not my cup of tea.