Backplate for 580?!?!?

I really want a Backplate, it would look nice.  Are there any other models that can fit the 580?

You've done it again mate.  Slow down and think before you post.


What model do you have.  I'm assuming by backplate you mean the heatsink cover?  That's going to depend on what cooler it has, if it's reference design or some other cooler.  Your best bet in any case is going to be to paint the one you have, or apply some sort of vinyl wrap.

Indeed i have.  Sorry XD.   Its an EVGA GTX 580 3gb Reference cooler.  By backplate i mean the plate that goes over the back of cards...  I do not have a backplate.  I would like one.  

Oh so this beasty:


Erm, quick look online doesn't show them for sale anywhere, one on ebay but not specifically for your model, not sure if it's compatible with yours, no hits at all on amazon.  For an older card like this you're going to have to hunt.