Backing up old dvds for a server?

I have a some dvds that you can no longer buy and I was wondering what would be the best way to back them up to view of my nas or ipad…
Iv tried handbrake but that only allows for so many chapters.
I also thought about just making an iso file but I know some devices cant read the iso files.

any other suggestions? as I would like to have the dvd experience and click thru the special features or select a chapter.

I apologise if this is in the wrong section

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I use makemkv, but I’m not sure it does the chapter things.

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any specific dvd in mind? Is this a home made video or just feature films that you like the director’s commentary?

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bunch of dvds from a welsh version of jackass called dirty sanchez , I met the guys years and years ago, so for me good memories, the dvds where never released on blueray nor can you find there stuff on streaming services.

I was about to advocate for illicit torrents but with a selection that niche it’s going to be extremely hard, if not impossible, to source that online.

What OS are you on, btw? You didnt seem to specify? I feel like you’d have more option over on the Windows side

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I checked my preferred site and there was only a few version of “the movie” and episodes 1-4 of the first series, so there’s something out there but not much.

I remember Dirty Sanchez, you could give makemkv a try, it has a free trial version. I remember using some really old S/W for effectively imaging the DVD, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called :roll_eyes:

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windows 11 im on now, dont mind using linux if I have to

I just remembered, it was called Nero Nero Platinum Suite - Award-winning all-rounder

it had a feature where you could virtually mount a DVD drive (and content), which in the early days was quite smart.

Just saw this via a quick search too: 🔴 Mount an ISO file or CD/DVD Image File as a Virtual Drive - YouTube

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Thank you so much will have a look, thanks again