Backing-Up HP Recovery and Installing Windows 10

I downloaded the Windows Technical Preview (Windows 10 Beta) ISO's and I'm dying to get a look at them!  I burned a DVD of the x86 and I'm hoping to install it on my HP DV6000 laptop.  It's an older dual-core Athlon 64 with 3GB of memory.  I know it is more than powerful-enough to handle it.  I'm interested to see how well it will perform compared to Windows Vista. 

I also want to test Windows 10 on an AM3 system I'm building with 16GB of memory, as well as watch it run on a Pentium 4 HT 3.00GHz with 2GB of memory.  I want to see Windows 10 run on a variety of systems to see how well it handles older systems and a high-end new system.

There is only one problem. 

I want to back-up the HP Recovery partition of my hard drive before I perform the installation.  I do not have a set of disks from HP to restore the computer.  I can't back-up the drive with any software I have.  I tried to back it up in Roxio, but it will only back up 200MB of it, not the 6GB that it is.  Has anyone created an image of their HP recovery drive?  What software should I use?